Why haven't I received a tracking email?

If your signup or renewal was processed before our cutoff date, your subscription will include that month's box. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, you should receive your tracking notification email by the 7th to 11th of each season's month (some months it may take an extra 5-7 business days). If you signup in the middle of the month, expect to receive a tracking number by the 28th.


If that date has passed and you have not yet received your tracking email, please log into your user account and verify that the contact information is correct for your account. If the email address is correct, please double check your spam folder as the tracking email might have been caught in that filter.


Shipment schedule for PRIME subscription boxes is once in April (spring), once in July (summer), and once in October (autumn), and once in December (winter) of the year in order to best suit most holiday seasons.


Billing dates (deadlines to pre-order) each subscription season are as follow:

March 5th: Spring Box

June 5th: Summer Box

September 5th: Autumn Box

November 5th: Winter Box


Shipping dates for each season's box are as follow:

April 5th: Spring Box

July 5th: Summer Box

October 5th: Autumn Box

December 5th: Winter Box


***Please note that each of the billing dates are the individual deadlines to pre-order and secure a box. Any subscription and or billing that occurs after the deadline will automatically put your account in position for the following season's Super Geek Box shipment.

For example: Subscribing for SuperGeekBox PRIME on March 6th of the year would put your subscription account to receive the Summer box shipped on July 5th since you missed the deadline to the Spring Box on March 5th.

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